216 – Airbus History

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Gast: Alan Pardo, David Bauser     Host: Markus Voelter    Shownoter: Kalpana Goel

This is the second episode recorded at my trip to Airbus in Toulouse and we take a trip down memory lane, covering some of Airbus’ history. The first part of the episode is a recorded presentation (with some Q&A) with Alan Pardo, head of Marketing Communication at Airbus Toulouse. We cover the development of Airbus in general, and the Toulouse factory in particular. The second part is a walk through the Aeroscopia museum in Toulouse with David Bauser. Before his retirement he has worked for Airbus on the A-300 and the Concorde. We discuss those two airplanes, plus some general anecdotes from his time at Airbus.

Introduction of Alan Pardo


Toulouse Airbus Facility


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Advance Material to build Planes


Airport Navigation System


Airport Navigation System | Cobot | Air Traffic Management

uselage, Seating/Cargo Design in A300


Asymmetry of lift

Financing, Furnishing, Maintenance


Global level discussion