Hosts / Editors

Markus Völter works as an independent consultant for software technology and engineering (details at In his spare time, he likes flying with the sailplane over southern Germany.

Nora Ludewig is an electrical engineer working for Robert Bosch GmbH.

Markus Völter arbeitet als freiberuflicher Berater für Softwaretechnologie und -engineering ( In seiner Freizeit fliegt er am liebsten mit dem Segelflugzeug über Süddeutschland herum.

Nora Ludewig ist Diplom-Elektroingenieurin und arbeitet bei der Robert Bosch GmbH.


Support and Advisory Team

Since 2015, omega tau’s show notes have been contributed by a group of listeners. They also act as a kind of general “advisory committee” for Nora and Markus for all kinds of topics around omega tau. If you want to help with this, please contact us.

Seit 2015 werden die Shownotes von Hörern beigesteuert. Sie spielen auch die Rolle eines “Beirats” für Nora und Markus bzgl. aller möglichen Themen rund um omega tau. Wenn Du dabei mithelfen willst wende Dich bitte an uns.

Bastian Hundt
Bastian is a physicist living in the worlds most beautiful city, Hamburg. He likes photography and all things digital.

Stefaan Rillaert
Stefaan is an independent software developer. He lives in Denmark with his wife and four sons.

Tim Jurik
Tim works as software developer. In his spare time he is learning to sail and makes maple syrup in Vermont.

Jochen Spalding
Jochen is from Palatinate/Germany. Main interests are politics, economics, podcasts and bitcoin.

Alexander Grote
Alex is a physicist from Germany. He enjoys sailing and hiking.

Pascal Becker
I am a PhD student focusing on all kinds of robots. My free time is spent in forests (mtb) or in the air (parachute).

Andrew Joiner
Andy is a software engineer in the UK. He enjoys the countryside, map making and learning new and old technologies.

Kolja Dummann
Kolja is a sortware engineer from Germany. He spends his spare time on the water kayaking or photographing.

Fabian Zeisberger
Fabian is studying aerospace engineering in Stuttgart. In his free time he likes to go climbing.

Thomas Machowinski
Thomas is a mechanical engineer with diverse interests from the beautiful Westerwald region.

Mario Winkler
Mario is a software engineer in Munich and enjoys raising his skill level in the art of knot tying.


Andersrum / The other way round

Hier sind einige Podcasts wo Markus und/oder Nora auf der anderen Seite des Mikrofons (also als Gäste) mitmachen.

Here are some podcasts where Markus and/or Nora took part as guests.