255 – Aerial Refueling with the KDC-10

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Guest: Martin and Louis    Host: Markus Voelter    Shownoter: Kolja Dummann

In late March 2017 I was participating in the media day of the European Air Refueling Training Exercise, organized by the European Air Transport Command headquartered in Eindhoven. While the planned flight on the Dutch KDC-10 did not work our for technical reasons, I recorded a follow-up interview with tanker captain Martin and boom operator Louis. We discussed a number of details around air-to-air refuelling in general and the KDC-10 in particular. The episode begins with an overview of aerial refueling that I recorded myself.

Here is the page of Matthias Grägel with air-to-air pictures taken during EART 2017.

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