252 – Red Flag

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Guest: Jan Stahl, John Traylor, Graham Johnson    Host: Markus Voelter    Shownoter: Pascal Becker

On the second day of my visit to Nellis AFB we covered the Red Flag, an advanced aerial combat training exercise hosted multiple times per year at Nellis. We started out with a general overview with Jan Stahl; we also covered the role of the aggressors. I then talked with John Traylor who works as a ground intercept controller for the aggressors. Next is a conversation with Graham Johnson about Red Flag from the perspective of a blue force participant; he flies an F-15C out of Lakenheath. We conclude the episode with a look at the historical context that lead to Red Flag, again with Jan.

Introduction Jan Stahl


Nellis Air Force Base | Omega Tau Episode 251

Data Monitoring and Tracking


NATS (Nellis Aircraft tracking systems)

Debriefing and Weapons


PK (Probability of Kill) | Inert weapon | Live weapon (explosive)

Simulation of Training


Northrop T-38 Talon Aircraft | Lockhead Martin F-35 Aircraft | Chaff | Flare

Day schedule of aggressor



Introduction John Traylor - Ground Control


GCI (Ground Control Intercept) | AWACS (Airborne Control Intercept)

Introduction to first week of red flag mission


Escort Mission | Wingman flying | Trust but Verify