231 – The Future Circular Collider

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Guest: Michael Benedikt, Frank Zimmermann     Host: Markus Voelter    Shownoter: Bastian Hundt

Particle accelerators are the backbone of today’s particle physics research and help us understand the smallest building blocks our world is made of. To understand this deeper, more powerful accelerators are needed, beyond what is possible with today’s LHC. The world’s physics community is continuously running studies to explore science questions and evaluate the required accelerators; one of those the studies is the Future Circular Collider study led by CERN. In this episode we discuss the science questions as well as the core engineering challenges with the two leaders of the FCC study, Michael Benedikt and Frank Zimmermann.

Vorstellung Michael Benedikt und Frank Zimmermann


FCC study at CERN | LHC

Costs and Challenges of Colliders


Tradeof between radius and magnets | Tevatron | HERA | RHIC | LHC-Upgrade | Synchrotron radiation | Klystron | Data Acquisition

Lessons Learned from LHC



Challenges for FCC-hh and FCC-eh


Synchrotron radiation | Radiation damping | Optics and Beamdynamics | Magnetic lenses | Machine Protection | Quench Protection | Collimation / Filtering | Beam Dumping

Risk Minimization and FCC Roadmap


High Luminosity LHC