076 – The European Transonic Windtunnel

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This episode is a conversation with Dieter Schimanski, the Manager Test & Operations of the European Transonic Windtunnel. In late June of 2011 I had the chance to visit the facility. The episode starts out with a one hour conversation about aerodynamics and the concepts behind the ETW. The rest of the episode is essentially an audio report of the tour I took of the facility. To better grasp the magnitude of the facility, I recommend you take a look at the picture gallery.

8 Responses to 076 – The European Transonic Windtunnel

  1. S. Lamb says:

    Absolutely amazing! The windtunnel photos look like something out of science fiction. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Scott Finnie says:

    Wow. A ‘magnus opus’ of a podcast if ever there was one! Fascinating to listen to. Did a wonderful job of painting a vivid picture of the facility – using only words! Kudos to both you (Markus) and Dieter for such an enthralling ‘cast.

  3. admin says:

    Thanks Scott :-) I will tell Dieter!


  4. Roger (New Zealand) says:

    Another gold-standard podcast Markus … you’ve done it again!

  5. Geoffrey says:

    Good interview. Covered the application of theory and limitations of practice nicely.

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  8. Rico says:

    I loved this episode. Looking at the pictures after listening to the episode, they’re very much like I imagined, you guys did a great job illustrating the structure in the podcast.

    This is one of those facilities that pushes the limits of technology, it’s amazing how much attention to detail must go into building something like this. Not even a single bolt is used without careful engineering.

    The ETW is really up there among the top engineering marvels!

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