110 – Curiosity’s Landing on Mars

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This episode is a conversation with JPL‘s Anita Sengupta about Curiosity’s landing on Mars. We first discuss the landing process itself and then focus on various aspects of the landing, in particular, the parachute. Next we discuss the development and test of that parachute. We conclude the episode with a general discussion about Mars Science Lab, Curiosity and space flight in general.

7 Responses to 110 – Curiosity’s Landing on Mars

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  3. Geoffrey says:

    Thanks for taking on this interview. It was a good refresher of the momentous event. Lots of detail on the parachute of course – its design and operation. It was good to draw on the content of the previous episode about wind tunnels. An intriguing notion about the lag in communications due to the distance – a reminder of how we see further into the past when looking further away – sort of like different time zones here on Earth; but different. It’s only in our imagination that we see time on Earth and Mars simultaneously. Weird.

  4. Thomas says:

    Great podcast again. Thanks a lot Markus !
    Although in a kind of fast forward style;-) Very refreshing and interesting.

  5. MaNo says:

    Thx :-)

  6. anmasijo says:

    Thanks again, Markus, for this very interesting and detailled look into specific aspects of a technical theme that otherwise we listeners wouldn’t have got! Okay, on behalf of the “fast-forwarding” style I had to listen to this episode twice – first time in buses and metro and so on was too noisy…
    By the way: do you think you could make it possible to realize another interview with the more “mission” aspects of Curiosity?… That’ll be great as well!
    Thanks a lot to you and Anita Sengupta!
    (I wish I could think half as fast as she is able to speak… ;-)) )

  7. Ralph says:

    Congrats Markus and supersonic Anita ;) for this episode. I enjoyed it very much.

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