176 – The Gemini Programme

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Guests: David Woods and David Harland    Host: Markus Voelter    Shownoter: Bastian Hundt

The Gemini programme of the mid-sixties is relatively unknown, even though it was an important stepping stone in the Apollo moon programme: Gemini is where NASA learned to fly in space. In this episode we cover Gemini with our two guests David Woods (who has been on the show talking about Apollo) and David Harland. Together they wrote a book on Gemini that serves as the rough outline of this conversation. We talk about the Gemini spacecraft itself, the launch vehicles, some of the achievements and learnings of the programme as well as some of the specifics of some of the missions.

Note: If you haven’t listened to to the Apollo episodes (83, 97), we recommend that you do so before listening to this one.

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Gemini Guidance Computer


Gemini Guidance Computer | Gemini On-Board Computer | Gimbal Lock

Space Rendezvous


Space Rendezvous | Gemini 4 | Gemini 5 | Fuel Cell | Gemini 7

Reentry and Landing


Splashdown | Space Launch System