116 – Walking in Space

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In this episode we talk about extra-vehicular activities, also known as spacewalking, with former astronaut Tom Jones. In the episode we cover the underwater training in the Neutral Buoyancy Lab, we talk about the preparation of the space walk in the shuttle, and of course we discuss the spacewalking itself. In particular, we talk about Tom’s participation in the STS-98 spacewalks that installed the Destiny lab onto the ISS.

Note: I forgot in the episode to thank some listeners for the questions they contributed: Daniel Hölbling, Andrew Moylan, Henning Krause, Mathias Menzer, Ekki Beyer-Christoph, Jake Brownson, Clive van Hilten, and somebody called Tim. Sorry for that.

9 Responses to 116 – Walking in Space

  1. @1nsider says:

    Awesome episode Markus! Many great questions were asked and answered in a vividly and elaborate way by Tom Jones. You couldn’t ask for more [except maybe another hour more of this…]! Thanks guys!

  2. MaNo says:

    Thanks :-) Some of the questions were also contributed by listeners. I forgot to mention this in the episode. I added a thank you note to the show notes.


  3. joergy says:

    Very, very interesting podcast. Thank You Markus! I had really enjoyed it. I almost got a feeling of how it would be there, outside in the sky…

  4. MaNo says:

    Thank you joergy :-)

  5. frosch03 says:

    this podcast is always the point on the internet, where i’m forced to fill up my flattr account with fresh money …
    thanks for the episode :)

  6. martin says:

    Thank you. I have just wasted the entire morning battling Microsoft Team Foundation Server – this made up for it on the commute home!

  7. Francois Korb says:

    Most excellent episode – Markus was well prepared as usual and Tom Jones was just a treat. Thanks much.

  8. wolfgang says:

    Did enjoy this conversation very much. Thank to Tom and Markus.

  9. Geoffrey says:

    Thanks for another fine interview. It’s good listening to people who have actually done this sort of thing first-hand. It provides a clear insight into the experience.

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