063 – The Cassini Mission to Saturn

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This episode is about the Cassini Mission to Saturn. We talk with Nora Kelly Alonge, a Project Science System Engineer and Science Planning Engineer at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. In the episode we cover the Cassini spacecraft’s structure and sensors (and its lander, Huygens), some of the relevant science, as well as the challenge of coordinating science and engineering requirements on the mission.

3 Responses to 063 – The Cassini Mission to Saturn

  1. Keith says:

    Fantastic episode! I was worried that it was so long it might get boring, but that was never the case. Fascinating subject, and great preparation and questions.

  2. admin says:

    thanks Keith :-)

  3. Geoffrey says:

    Another great interview. There’s quite a bit of solar exploration going on at the moment. Thanks for all your efforts. Much appreciated.

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