043 – Flying the Space Shuttle

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In this episode we talk with Duane “Digger” Carey about flying the US Space Shuttle. We cover all the major phases of a shuttle flight (countdown, launch, orbit insertion, on orbit, breaking, reentry and landing) and discuss the activities of the pilot and commander. We also cover briefly some of the Shuttle’s systems. We conclude the episode with a brief look at Shuttle pilot and commander training.

6 Responses to 043 – Flying the Space Shuttle

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  3. streusel says:

    hei markus,
    thanks for the episode!
    would be nice to post a link to each song on every episode:-)
    i liked the last song very much!


  4. MaNo says:

    We’ve given up on the music thing completely….
    A lot of work, and many people didn’t like it anyway.


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