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A book about science, the engineering that enables the research, and Markus Voelter's personal insights and experiences while reporting on them for the omega tau podcast.

Seven chapters full of stimulating entertainment for your inner geek (as others say). 200,000 words and 160 illustrations (plus lots of pictures online here). Click on the seven pictures below for details on the chapters. I will also add preview PDFs over the next weeks and months.

There's also a video on Youtube where I talk a bit about the book.

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With this book Markus Völter masters the balancing act between a great depth of detail in the individual topics and tremendous ease in explaining at the same time, which makes "Once You Start Asking" a pleasure to read. I believe the reason for this unique combination is the author's authentic curiosity. It is this inquiring mind that makes the book something very personal and honest. Markus wants to understand and proceeds meticulously to find out and learn even the finer details that are necessary to understand complex topics. It is our great luck that Markus is not only a passionate and talented questioner, but also a great didact and storyteller. He shares with us what he has experienced and learned on his journey to the most fascinating achievements of our technical world. In the end, admiration remains: for the inventiveness of mankind and for the path Markus has taken, initially with the omega tau podcast and now with this book. We are fortunate to be able to tag along on this journey.

Nicolas Wöhrl
Physicist, University of Duisburg-Essen
Co-creator and co-host of the Methodisch Inkorrekt Podcast