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Big Machines for Small Scales [Sources]



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1.8 K Refrigeration Units for the LHC: Performance Assessment of Pre-series UnitsClaudet et al.PaperPDF
A New Type Of Resistive Plate Chamber: The Multigap RPCZeballos et al.PaperPDF
A Study of the Beam Physics in the CLIC Drive Beam DeceleratorErik AdliPaperPDF
Abort Gap Cleaning using the Transverse Feedback SystemKoschik et al.PaperWebsite
Accelerator Science: Circular vs. LinearFermilabDon LincolnVideoWebsite
Accelerator Science: Proton vs. ElectronFermilabDon LincolnVideoWebsite
ALICELHC FactsArticleWebsite
ALICE ExperimentWikipediaArticleWebsite
ALICE ExperimentCERNArticleWebsite
ALICE Time of Flight SystemALICEPaper PDF
ALICE Time Projection ChamberWikipediaArticleWebsite
An Achromatic Telescopic Squeezing (ATS) Scheme For The LHC UpgradeS. FartoukhPaperPDF
Asymptotic FreedomWikipediaArticleWebsite
ATLASLHC FactsArticleWebsite
ATLAS CalorimeterArticleWebsite
ATLAS ExperimentWikipediaArticleWebsite
ATLAS monitored drift tube chambers for super - LHCEngl et al.PaperPDF
ATLAS Muon SpectrometerArticleWebsite
ATLAS Surveys New Supersymmetry TerritoryCERNAna LopesArticleWebsite
ATLAS The World’s Largest Magnet SystemRoger RuberPresentationPDF
ATLAS Transition Radiation Tracker (TRT): Straw Tube Gaseous Detectors at High RatesAdrian VogelPaperPDF
ATLAS Transition Radiation Tracker (TRT): Straw Tubes for Tracking and Particle Identification at the Large Hadron ColliderATLASPaperPDF
Avalanche photodiodeWikipediaArticleWebsite
AWAKE - Advanced WAKEfield ExperimentWikipediaArticleWebsite
AWAKE successfully accelerates electronsAchintya RaoArticleWebsite
Basic Course on Accelerator OpticsRossbach/SchmüserPaperPDF
Beam Dynamics III Defocusing EffectsUSPASPresentationPDF
Beam loss monitorsK. WittenbergPaperPDF
Beam Position Monitorlhc-facts.deArticleWebsite
Beta & Emittancelhc-closer.esArticleWebsite
Beta decayWikipediaArticleWebsite
Betatron tune MeasurementUesugi et al.PresentationPDF
Bethe formulaWikipediaArticleWebsite
Broken symmetry: searches for supersymmetry at the LHCRedlinger/de Jong ArticleWebsite
Calculating Massive One-Loop Amplitudes in QCDOri YudilevichPaperPDF
CEPC Conceptual Design Report Vol 1CEPC Study GroupPaperPDF
CERN physicists spot symmetry violation in charm mesonsMichael BanksArticleWebsite
CERN releases analysis of LHC incidentCERNArticleWebsite
CERN: Where did it all begin?CERNArticleWebsite
Cherenkov radiationWikipediaArticleWebsite
Circular Electron-Positron ColliderWikipediaArticleWebsite
CMSLHC FactsArticleWebsite
CMS Electromagnetic CalorimeterCMSArticleWebsite
CMS ExperimentWikipediaArticleWebsite
CMS Hadron CalorimeterCMSArticleWebsite
CMS Muon DetectorsCMSArticleWebsite
CMS Precisely Measures the Mass of the Higgs BosonCMSArticleWebsite
CMS Silicon Pixel DetectorsCMSArticleWebsite
CMS Silicon Strip DetectorsCMSArticleWebsite
CMS simulation software using Geant4Banerjee et al.PaperPDF
Cold CompressorsCSAJohn WeisendArticleWebsite
Color chargeWikipediaArticleWebsite
Compact Linear ColliderWikipediaArticleWebsite
Complex movementlhc-closer.esArticleWebsite
Cooper pairWikipediaArticleWebsite
Cosmological constantWikipediaArticleWebsite
CP ViolationWikipediaArticleWebsite
CP violation in charm decays with the LHCb experimentLHCbPresentationVideo
Crab cavities: colliding protons head-onCERNIva RaynovaArticleWebsite
Critical fieldWikipediaArticleWebsite
Critical Magnetic FieldHyper PhysicsArticleWebsite
Cryogenic refrigeration for the LHCPhilippe LebrunPresentationPDF
Cryogenics for the Large Hadron ColliderPhilippe LebrunPaperPDF
Cryogenics: Low temperatures, high performanceCERNArticleWebsite
Dark energyWikipediaArticleWebsite
Dark Energy, Dark MatterNASAArticleWebsite
Dark matterWikipediaArticleWebsite
Dark Matter HaloWikipediaArticleWebsite
Decay of Higgs boson into bottom quarks observedETHZArticleWebsite
Density and refractive index of silica aerogels after low- and high-temperature supercritical drying and thermal treatmentWang et al.PaperWebsite
Design of Corrector Magnets for the LHCIjspeert et al.PaperPDF
Design, performance, and calibration of CMS hadron-barrel calorimeter wedgesAbdullin et al.PaperPDF
Detecting and Studying High-Energy Collider Neutrinos with FASER at the LHCAbreu et al.PaperPDF
Detector Physics of Resistive Plate ChambersChristian LippmannPaperPDF
Detectors for Particle Physics, Part 1Daniel PitzlPresentationPDF
Detectors for Particle Physics, Part 2Daniel PitzlPresentationPDF
Detectors for Particle Physics, Part 3Daniel PitzlPresentationPDF
Difference between Photodiode and PhotomultiplierRF Wireless WorldArticleWebsite
Direct measurement of the Higgs self-coupling in e+e− → ZHNakamura/ShivajiPaperWebsite
Dynamic Beta and Beta-Beating Effects in the Presence of the Beam-Beam InteractionsBuffat et al.PaperPDF
Elastic proton-proton collisions at high energiesJiri ProchazkaPaperPDF
Elastic Scattering and Total Cross-Section in p+p reactionsAntchev et al.PaperPDF
Electromagnetic and hadronic calorimetersSilvia MasciocchiPresentationPDF
Electronic band structureWikipediaArticleWebsite
Elektronen reiten Plasmawelleweltmaschine.deArticleWebsite
Energy gapWikipediaArticleWebsite
FAMOS, a FAst MOnte-Carlo Simulation for CMSF. BeaudettePaperPDF
FASER ExperimentWikipediaArticleWebsite
FASER: CERN approves new experiment to look for long-lived, exotic particlesCERNCristina AgrigoroaeArticleWebsite
FASER: ForwArd Search ExpeRiment at the LHCAriga et al.PaperPDF
FASER’s new detector expected to catch first collider neutrinoCERNAna LopesArticleWebsite
Fast Simulation of the CMS DetectorOrbaker et al.PaperPDF
FCC: Future Circular Collider StudyCERNArticleWebsite
Five mysteries the Standard Model can’t explainSymmetry MagazinOscar Miyamoto GomezArticleWebsite
Flux pinningWikipediaArticleWebsite
Four MomentumWikipediaArticleWebsite
Future Circular ColliderWikipediaArticleWebsite
Gas Electron MultiplierWikipediaArticleWebsite
Gas Electron MultiplierCERNPresentationPDF
Gauge bosonWikipediaArticleWebsite
GEANT4 Simulation ToolkitCERNUser ManualWebsite
Hadron Calorimetry at the LHC J. Proudfoot PaperPDF
Hard Processes in Proton-Proton Collisions at the Large Hadron ColliderButterworth et al.PaperPDF
Has ‘new physics’ been found at CERN?Hamish JohnstonArticleWebsite
HCAL Technical Design ReportCMSPaperPDF
HCb explores the beauty of lepton universalityAna LopesArticleWebsite
Herwig: The Evolution of a Monte Carlo Event GeneratorPeter RichardsonPresentationPDF
Hierachy problemWikipediaArticleWebsite
Higgs bosonWikipediaArticleWebsite
Higgs mechanismWikipediaArticleWebsite
Higgs self-coupling at CLICUlrike SchnoorPresentationPDF
High-Luminosity LHCCERNArticleWebsite
HL-LHC Technical Design Report V. 0.1CERNPaperWebsite
How does one measure the spin of a subatomic particle?QuoraForum PostWebsite
How to make a Higgs bosonSymmetry MagazinSarah CharleyArticleWebsite
ILC vs CLICBarbara MelePresentationPDF
Induced radioactivityWikipediaArticleWebsite
Inelastic scatteringWikipediaArticleWebsite
InjektionLHC FactsArticleWebsite
International Linear ColliderWikipediaArticleWebsite
International System of UnitsWikipediaArticleWebsite
Introduction to CalorimetersDavid Cockerill PresentationPDF
Introduction to Monte Carlo for Particle Physics StudyN. SRIMANOBHASPresentationPDF
Introduction to Monte Carlo Techniques in High Energy PhysicsTorbjörn SjöstrandArticleWebsite
Introduction to the BE-CO Control SystemDeghaye/Fortescue-BeckPaperPDF
J/psi MesonWikipediaArticleWebsite
Jets: The Manifestation of Quarks and GluonsMatt Strassler ArticleWebsite
KavitätLHC FactsArticleWebsite
KollimatorLHC FactsArticleWebsite
KühlsystemLHC FactsArticleWebsite
L3 ExperimentWikipediaArticleWebsite
Large Superconducting Magnet SystemsP. VédrinePaperPDF
Law of large numbersWikipediaArticleWebsite
LHC Abort Gap Monitoring and CleaningMeddahi et al.PaperPDF
LHC FactsLHC FactsArticleWebsite
LHC Layoutlhc-closer.esArticleWebsite
LHC MachineEvans/BryantPaperPDF
LHC Machine ProtectionRossano GiachinoPaperPDF
LHC Magnet Quench Protection SystemCoull et al.PaperPDF
LHC magnet typesCERNArticleWebsite
LHC Power Converters: A Precision GameCERNArticleWebsite
LHC Report - Why did the LHC break down on September 19th, 2008CERNVideoWebsite
LHC Sequencer A RecapL. PoncePresentationPDF
LHCb - Large Hadron Collider beauty experimentLHCbArticleWebsite
LHCb ExperimentCERNArticleWebsite
LHCb Experimentweltmaschine.deArticleWebsite
LHCb observes CP violation in charm decaysLHCbArticleWebsite
LHCb sees a new flavour of matter–antimatter asymmetryCERNArticleWebsite
LHCfLHC FactsArticleWebsite
LHCf ExperimentCERNArticleWebsite
LINACLHC FactsArticleWebsite
LINAC 4 Technical Design ReportL. Arnaudon et al.PaperPDF
Linear accelerator 4CERNArticleWebsite
Liquid Argon Calorimeter: Technical Design ReportATLASPaperPDF
Liquid HeliumWikipediaArticleWebsite
List of mesonsWikipediaArticleWebsite
Low temperatureslhc-closer.esArticleWebsite
LS2 and LS3: The Largest Challenges as Known TodayWolfram Zeuner PresentationPDF
Magnetic Fields and Magnet DesignHolmes et al.PresentationPDF
Magnetic MonopoleWikipediaArticleWebsite
Magnetic monopoleEncyclopaedia BritannicaArticleWebsite
Magnetic multipoleslhc-closer.esArticleWebsite
Mass from the strong forceAxel MaasArticleWebsite
Measurement of Jets with the CMS Detector at the LHCHeister et al.PaperPDF
Measurement of Photons and Neutral Pions in the Very Forward Region of LHCfAdriani et al.PaperPDF
Meissner effectWikipediaArticleWebsite
MOeDAL ExperimentCERNArticleWebsite
Monte Carlo Event GeneratorSeymour/MarxPaperPDF
Monte Carlo SimulationsH. JungPresentationPDF
More about the Z bosonATLASArticleWebsite
New research result from CERN is a milestone in the history of particle physicsLHCbArticleWebsite
Nobel prizes (at CERN)CERNArticleWebsite
Nuclear Track DetectorINFNArticleWebsite
Nuclear track detectorsMOeDALArticleWebsite
Observation of CP Violation in Charm Decays at LHCbBetti et al.PaperPDF
Observation of Higgs Boson Decay to Bottom QuarksSirunyan et al.PaperPDF
One-loop Feynman diagramWikipediaArticleWebsite
Pair productionWikipediaArticleWebsite
Part Four - Optics and Lattice DesignCockroft InstitutePresentationPDF
Particle ShowerWikipediaArticleWebsite
Particle-flow reconstruction and global event description with the CMS detectorCMSPaperPDF
Particle–Flow Event Reconstruction in CMS and Performance for Jets, Taus, and E T, missCMSPaperPDF
Pauli exclusion principleWikipediaArticleWebsite
Performance Assessment of 35 Cold Hydrodynamic Compressors for the 1.8 K Refrigeration Units of the LHCMillet et al.PaperPDF
Perturbation Expansions & Feynman DiagramsPaperPDF
Physics beyond the standard modelWikipediaArticleWebsite
Physics highlights at ILC and CLICS. LukicPaperPDF
Preparing ATLAS for the futureKatarina AnthonyArticleWebsite
Production of new niobium-tin cables is in full swingCERNArticleWebsite
Proton synchrotronWikipediaArticleWebsite
Proton SynchrotronCERNArticleWebsite
Proton Synchrotron BoosterCERNArticleWebsite
Proton synchrotron BootserWikipediaArticleWebsite
PSLHC FactsArticleWebsite
PSBLHC FactsArticleWebsite
Pulling together: Superconducting electromagnetsCERNArticleWebsite
Quadrupole magnetWikipediaArticleWebsite
Quantum chromodynamicsWikipediaArticleWebsite
Quark-gluon plasmaWikipediaArticleWebsite
Quench Protection SystemR. DenzPresentationPDF
Radiation dampingWikipediaArticleWebsite
Recent CMS and CMS-TOTEM results on forward physicsRobert CiesielskiPresentationPDF
Requirements for Power ConvertersJ.-P. BurnetPaperPDF
RFQLHC FactsArticleWebsite
Roman potWikipediaArticleWebsite
Scinitillation counterWikipediaArticleWebsite
Scintillating-Fiber CalorimetryLivan et al.PaperPDF
Semiconductor detectorWikipediaArticleWebsite
Silicon DetectorsKrammer/HartmannPresentationPDF
Silicon drift detectorWikipediaArticleWebsite
Soft physics at the LHCRyskin el al.PaperPDF
Solid-state nuclear track detectorWikipediaArticleWebsite
Specification of Four New Large 4.5 K Helium Refrigerators for the LHCClaudet et al.PaperPDF
Spontaneous symmetry breakingWikipediaArticleWebsite
SPSLHC FactsArticleWebsite
Sterile neutrinoWikipediaArticleWebsite
Stern-Gerlach experimentWikipediaArticleWebsite
Strange B mesonWikipediaArticleWebsite
Strong CP problemWikipediaArticleWebsite
Study of inelastic processes in proton-proton collisions at the LHC with the TOTEM ExperimentP. BrogiPaperPDF
Super conducting cableLHCfArticleWebsite
Super Proton SynchrotronWikipediaArticleWebsite
Super Proton SynchrotronCERNArticleWebsite
Superconducting accelerator magnetsDaniel SchoerlingPresentationPDF
Superconducting Cable and Magnets for the Large Hadron ColliderL. RossiPaperPDF
Superconducting magnetWikipediaArticleWebsite
Superconducting Magnets for Particle AcceleratorsBottura et al.PaperPDF
Superconducting Wires and CablesMartin WilsonPresentationPDF
Superconducting wires and CablesWikipediaArticleWebsite
Superconductivity Explainedsuperconductors.orgArticleWebsite
Superfluid Helium Cryogenics for the Large Hadron Collider Project at CERNPhilippe LebrunPaperPDF
Supersymmetry breakingWikipediaArticleWebsite
Supersymmetry breaking scaleWikipediaArticleWebsite
Symmetry breakingWikipediaArticleWebsite
Synchrotron radiationWikipediaArticleWebsite
The ALICE Forward Multiplicity DetectorChristensen et al.PaperPDF
The ALICE Time of Flight DetectorALICEArticleWebsite
The ALICE Time Projection ChamberALICEArticleWebsite
The ALICE Time Projection ChamberALICEArticleWebsite
The ALICE Transition Radiation Detector: construction, operation, and performanceALICEPaperPDF
The ATLAS CalorimetersPaolo IengoPresentationPDF
The ATLAS Liquid Argon Calorimeter: an overviewWilkens et al.PaperPDF
The ATLAS transition radiation trackerBoldyrev et al.PaperWebsite
The ATLAS Transition Radiation Tracker (TRT) proportional drift tube: design and performanceAbat et al.PaperPDF
The ATLAS Trigger SystemRhys Owen et al.PresentationPDF
The ATLAS Trigger SystemMartin zur NeddenPresentationPDF
The ATLAS Trigger System: Past, Present and FuturePastore et al.PaperPDF
The CERN Beam Interlock System: Principle and Operational ExperiencePucci et al.PaperWebsite
The CERN LHC Central Timing, a Vertical SliceLewis et al.PaperPDF
the CMS Drift Tube ChambersCIEMAT GROUPArticleWebsite
The CMS Electromagnetic Calorimeter: overview, lessons learned during Run 1 and future projectionsCristina BiinoPaperPDF
The CMS pixel detectorDanek KotlińskiPaperWebsite
The crown jewel of the HL-LHC magnetsCERNStefania PandolfiArticleWebsite
The Fast Simulation of the CMS Detector at LHCAbdullin et al.PaperPDF
The Fast Simulation of the CMS ExperimentAndrea GiammancoPaperPDF
The gas electron multiplier (GEM): Operating principles and applicationsFabio SauliPaperWebsite
The Hierarchy ProblemEmily SmithPaperPDF
The Higgs mass mystery: Why is everything so light?Jon CartwrightArticleWebsite
The L3 lead-scintillating fiber calorimeterBasti et al.PaperWebsite
The LHC Main Dipoles and Quadrupoles Toward Series ProductionLucio RossiPaperPDF
The LHC MoEDAL experiment publishes its first paper on its search for magnetic monopolesCERNArticleWebsite
The LHC quench protection systemSymmetry MagazinArticleWebsite
The LHC Run 2 ATLAS Trigger System: Design, Performance and Planszur Nedden et al.PaperPDF
The LHC Sequencer Alemany-Fernandez et al.PaperPDF
The LHC Superconducting MagnetsL. RossiPaperPDF
The LHC supermagnets and cooling systemUCLArticleWebsite
The LHC: A stronger machineCERNCian O'LuanaighArticleWebsite
The LHCf detector at the CERN Large Hadron ColliderLHCfPaperPDF
The liquid argon calorimeterUlrik EgedeArticleWebsite
The MRPC-based ALICE Time-Of-Flight detector: status and performanceA. ALICIPaperPDF
The multigap resistive plate chamber as a time-of-flight detectorAkindinov et al.PaperWebsite
The Physics Programme of the MoEDAL Experiment at the LHCAcharya et al.PaperPDF
The time of flight detector for the ALICE experimentDespina Hatzifotiadou et al.PaperWebsite
The Time Projection Chamber for the ALICE ExperimentC. LippmannPaperPDF
The TOTEM experimentTOTEMArticleWebsite
The TOTEM Experiment at the CERN Large Hadron ColliderTOTEMPaperPDF
The Transition Radiation DetectorALICEArticleWebsite
Time of flight detectorWikipediaArticleWebsite
Timing Distribution at the LHCB.G. TaylorPaperPDF
TOTEM Roman PotsTOTEMArticleWebsite
TOTEM Roman PotsLHC FactsArticleWebsite
Transition radiationWikipediaArticleWebsite
Transition radiation detectorWikipediaArticleWebsite
Two-Photon Interactions in Proton–Proton Collisions with the ATLAS Experiment at the LHCMateusz DyndalPaperPDF
Understanding why antimatter has disappeared: the LHCb experiment at LHCFermilabDon LincolnVideoWebsite
Virtual particleWikipediaArticleWebsite
W and Z bosonsWikipediaArticleWebsite
Weakly interacting massive particlesWikipediaArticleWebsite
What Is SpinMarkus EhrenfriedArticleWebsite
What is the relationship between a particle and a field?QuoraForum PostWebsite
Why do quark and antiquark pairs not annihilate?QuoraForum PostWebsite
Why Supersymmetry May Be The Greatest Failed Prediction In Particle Physics HistoryForbesEthan SiegelArticleWebsite