SOFIA: The Airborne Infrared Observatory [Gallery]


This chapter is based on omega tau 277 – Life and Work on HMS Enterprise.


Side-scan SONAR was developed to address the limitations of single-beam SONAR Substructure Article Website
EM 710 Multibeam echo sounder Kongsberg Product Handbook PDF
SeaBat® 7150 Full Ocean Depth Multibeam Echo Sounder Teledyne Product Handbook PDF
How Multibeam Sonar Works NOAA Article Website
Kongsberg Simrad Multibeam Echo Sounders Kongsberg Product Description Presentation
What Is Beamforming? University of Texas Article Website
Acoustic properties of Seawater Encyclopedia britannica Explainer Website
EM 710 Product Specification Kongsberg Product Description PDF
Multibeam Sonar Theory of Operation L3 Article PDF

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