277 – Life and Work on HMS Enterprise

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Guests: Philip Harper, Kyle O’Regan, Oliver Jessop, Graham Blenkinsop, Ian Sutton, Lee Williams
Shownoter: Jochen Spalding, Fabian Zeisberger, Andy Joiner, Bastian Hundt, Stefaan Rillaert
Host: Markus Voelter

In December 2017 I had the opportunity to spend a few days on board the Royal Navy’s HMS Enterprise on her trip from Limassol, Cyprus to Valetta, Malta. HMS Enterprise is a survey ship, her primary task is to map the sea floor using sonar and feed the data into civilian and military maps. In this detailed episode, we chat about the ship, its mission, the survey equipment, the technical aspects of the propulsion and systems, plus about life on board a ship and nautical issues in general.




Working and Living on the Ship


Officer of the deck | Officer of the day | Engineer Officer | Logistics Officer

Man Overboard Exercise


Man Overboard | Life Jacket | Hypothermia (Saltwater Spray - Osmosis)  | Wake | Lee Side | Pacific 24 | Jet Powered | Jasons Cradle | Sick Bay | Command by Veto | Swimmer of the Watch | Dry Suit | Muscle Memory

Fire Exercise