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Engineering the Big Telescopes [Sources]



A brief introduction to radio interferometry INebiha ShafiPresentationPDF
A gentle introduction to interferometryNeil JacksonPresentationPDF
A method to image black holesMITLarry HardestyArticle Website
A Practical Guide to Lens Aberrations and the Lonely Speck Aberration TestLonely SpeckArticle Website
Adaptive optics at the ESO ELTBonnet et al.PaperWebsite
Adaptive Optics on Large TelescopesGlindemann et al.PaperPDF
Adaptive Optics Real-Time Control Systems For The E-ELTDipper et al.PaperWebsite
Adaptive Secondary Mirrors for the LBTRiccardi et al.PaperWebsite
Advanced wavefront reconstruction methods for segmented Extremely Large Telescope pupils using pyramid sensorsHutterer et al.PaperWebsite
Air Force Restrictions Impact Adaptive OpticsMichael LucibellaArticle Website
Airy DiskWikipediaArticle Website
Alignment and preliminary outcomes of an ELT-size instrument to a very large telescope: LINC-NIRVANA at LBTBergomu et al.PaperPDF
ALMA 64-antenna Correlator Status and VLBI CompatibilityAlain BaudryPresentation
ALMA CORRELATORWebber et al.Book ChapterWebsite
ALMA correlator computer systemsPisano et al.PaperWebsite
ALMA Correlator EnhancementAmestica et al.PresentationPDF
ALMA Correlator Real-Time Data ProcessorPisano et al.PaperPDF
ALMA Correlator tutorialAlfonso Trejo CruzPresentationPDF
ALMA Cycle 7 Technical HandbookALMAUser ManualPDF
ALMA HomepageALMAArticle Website
ALMA Observing Tool Quickstart GuideALMAUser ManualPDF
ALMA Optic fiberALMAArticle Website
ALMA Phasing Project Update to Corr/Control DesignCrew et al.PaperPDF
ALMA Receiver BandsESOArticle Website
ALMA ReceiversALMAArticle Website
ALMA releases first science results with its highest-frequency receiversAstronomy.comAlison KlesmanArticle Website
An Introduction to Optical Stellar InterferometryLabeyrie et al.Book
Announcement of the Next Generation Event Horizon Telescope Design Programeventhorizontelescope.orgPress ReleaseWebsite
Announcement of the Next Generation Event Horizon Telescope Design ProgramHarvardPress ReleaseWebsite
Ansaldo EnergiaWikipediaArticle Website
Aperture Masking InterferometryWikipediaArticle Website
Aperture Synthesis with a Non-Regular Distribution of Interferometer BaselinesJ. A. HögbomPaperWebsite
ARGOS - The Laser Guide Star System for the LBT Rabien et al.PaperPDF
AstigmatismWikipediaArticle Website
Astronomers clash with USAF Laser RulesNew ScientistsArticleWebsite
Astronomical Opticsal InterferometryWikipediaArticle Website
Astronomical PolarimetryFrans SnikPaperPDF
Atacama Larga Millimeter ArrayWikipediaArticle Website
Auxiliary TelescopesESOArticle Website
Beam SplitterWikipediaArticle Website
Black HoleWikipediaArticle Website
Black HolesNASAArticle Website
BlackGEM Telescope arrayRadboud UniversityPresentationPDF
BlackGEM Telescope to be Sited at ESO’s La Silla ObservatoryESOPress ReleaseWebsite
Calibration of ALMA as a Phased ArrayGoddi et al.PaperPDF
Cassegrain reflectorWikipediaArticle Website
Cepheid VariableWikipediaArticle Website
CHIRPWikipediaArticle Website
CLEANWikipediaArticle Website
CODEX: the high resolution visual spectrograph for the E-ELTESOPasquini et al.PaperPDF
CoherenceWikipediaArticle Website
ComaWikipediaArticle Website
Computational Imaging for VLBI Image ReconstructionBouman et al.PaperPDF
Conjugate Focal PlaneWikipediaArticle Website
Connected element InterferometerLuca MoscadelliArticle Website
Contract Signed for ELT Primary Mirror Segment SupportsESOPress ReleaseWebsite
Correlators: General Design ConsiderationsL. D'AddarioPaperPDF
Das Radioteleskop EffelsbergMPIfRArticle Website
Decadal SurveysAASArticle Website
DeconvolutionWikipediaArticle Website
Deformable secondary mirrors for the LBT adaptive optics systemMartin et al.PaperWebsite
DensityWikipediaArticle Website
Detection of gravitational waves from merging black holesWikipediaArticle Website
Die Empfänger am Radioteleskop EffelsbergMPIfRArticle Website
Die große Schüssel wird noch besserIngenieur.deArticle Website
E-ELT InstrumentationESOArticle Website
E-ELT Instrumentation - Phase AESOArticle Website
E-ELT Optomechanics: OverviewM. CayrelPaperWebsite
E-ELT Primary Mirror Control SystemDimmler et al.PaperPDF
Effelsberg 100-m Radio TelescopeWikipediaArticle Website
Effelsberg: TechnologienMPIfRArticle Website
ELT optomechanics: construction statusCayrel et al.PaperWebsite
Erste Instrumente für das E-ELT festgelegtESOPress ReleaseWebsite
Escape VelocityWikipediaArticle Website
ESO and Fokker Space Sign Contract about VLTI Delay LineESOPress ReleaseWebsite
ESOcast 119: AOF First LightESOVideoWebsite
EtendueWikipediaArticle Website
EtendueCosmos IndirektArticle Website
Evaluation Of Software And Electronics Technologies For The Control Of The E-ELT Instruments: A Case StudyMarcantonio et al.PaperPDF
Event Horizon TelescopeWikipediaArticle Website
Event Horizon Telescopeeventhorizontelescope.orgHomepageWebsite
Fenster zu entfernten GalaxienSchottArticleWebsite
Final report: ALMA Phasing Project AugmentationMatthews/HechtPaperPDF
First ELT main mirror segments successfully castESOVideoWebsite
First ELT Main Mirror Segments Successfully CastESOPress ReleaseWebsite
First Light Adaptive Optics System for Large Binocular TelescopeEsposito et al.PaperWebsite
First M87 Event Horizon Telescope Results. I. The Shadow of the Supermassive Black HoleAkiyama et al.PaperPDF
First M87 Event Horizon Telescope Results. II. Array and InstrumentationAkiyama et al.PaperPDF
First Underground Delay Line Now on Rails at ParanalESOPress ReleaseWebsite
Fizeau InterferometerWikipediaArticle Website
Focal LengthWikipediaArticle Website
Fourier TransformWikipediaArticle Website
Frequency CombWikipediaArticle Website
Frequenz- und Wellenbereicheradartutorial.euArticle Website
Fringe-FittingJack RadcliffePresentationPDF
Fundamentals Of Radio Astronomy IIJames HacksonPresentationPDF
Getting ready for serial production of the segmented 39-meter ELT primary: status, challenges and strategiesDimmler et al.PaperWebsite
Gran Telescope CanariasWikipediaArticle Website
GravityESOArticle Website
Gravity and General RelativityBlackholecamArticle Website
GRAVITY: a four-telescope beam combiner instrument for the VLTIGillesen et al.PaperPDF
GRAVITY: The AO-Assisted, Two-Object Beam-Combiner Instrument for the VLTIEisenhauer et al.PaperPDF
Gregorian TelescopeWikipediaArticle Website
Hogbom's CLEAN algorithm. Impact on astronomy and beyondAstronomy and AstrophyiscsT. J . CornwellPaperWebsite
How Does a Black Hole Form?LiveScienceArticle Website
Imaging The Schwarzschild-Radius-Scale Structure Of M87 With The Event Horizon Telescope Using Sparse ModelingAkiyama et al.PaperPDF
Imaging the Supermassive Black Hole Shadow and Jet Base of M87 With the Event Horizon TelescopeLu et al.Paper
Implementing the concurrent operation of sub-arrays in the ALMA correlatorAmestica et al.PaperWebsite
Instructions per SecondWikipediaArticle Website
InterferometrieESOArticle Website
Interferometry and Synthesis in Radio AstronomyThompson et al.Book
Interferometry PrimerESOChris HaniffPresentationPDF
Interferometry: The basic principlesCornelis DullemondBook ChapterPDF
Internet TrafficWikipediaArticleWebsite
Introduction to Radio InterferometryLuca RicciPresentationPDF
Introduction to Radio InterferometryStatia CookPresentationPDF
Introduction to Radio Interferometry II, part1Aaron ParsonsVideoWebsite
Introduction to Radio Interferometry II, part3Aaron ParsonsVideoWebsite
Introduction to radio/mm astronomy and interferometryPavel JáchymPresentationPDF
Introduction to Spatial InterferometryESOAndreas GlindemannPaperPDF
Introduction to Stellar InterferometryESOAndreas GlindemannPresentationPDF
Laser Frequency Combs for Astronomical ObservationsSteinmetz et al.PaperPDF
Laser Guide StarWikipediaArticle Website
Laser Guide StarsNOAOA. TokovininArticle Website
Layer Oriented Multi-Conjugate Adaptive Optics systems: Performance analysis by numerical simulationsVerinaud et al.PaperPDF
LBT HistoryLBTOArticle Website
LBT Instruments - an overviewLBTOArticle Website
LBT OverviewLBTOArticle Website
LBT Quick FactsLBTOArticle Website
LINC-NIRVANA – The single arm MCAO experimentEgner et al.PaperWebsite
LINC-NIRVANA for the LBT: setting up the world's largest NIR binoculars for astronomyHofferbert et al.Paper Website
LINC-NIRVANA, A Fizeau Beam Combiner for the Large Binocular TelescopeHerbst et al.PaperWebsite
LINC-NIRVANA: assembly, integration, and verification updateHerbst et al.PaperPDF
LINC-NIRVANA: Optical design of an interferometric imaging cameraBizenberger et al.PaperWebsite
LINC-NIRVANA: the Fizeau interferometer for the Large Binocular TelescopeHerbst et al.PaperWebsite
LINC-NIRVANA: The German-Italian High-Resolution ImagerMPIAArticle Website
List of massive Black HolesWikipediaArticle Website
Magellan TelescopesWikipediaArticleWebsite
Magnetic Field May Be Keeping Milky Way’s Black Hole QuietNASAArticle Website
Mark 4 CorrelatorMIT HaystackArticle Website
Mark 6 RecorderMIT HaystackArticle Website
Mechanical Measurements of the ALMA Prototype AntennasGreve/MangumPaperPDF
MELT: an optomechanical emulation testbench for ELT wavefront control and phasing strategyThomas PfrommerPaperWebsite
MODS Instrument CharacteristicsOhio StateArticle Website
MODS Instrument ManualOhio StateRichard PoggeUser ManualPDF
MODS Mask PreparationArticle Website
MODS-I und MODS-IIMPIAArticle Website
Multi conjugate adaptive optics (MCAO)ESOArticle Website
Multi-Conjugate Adaptive OpticsNOAOA. TokovininArticle Website
Natural guide star adaptive optics systems at LBT: FLAO commissioning and science operations statusEsposito et al.PaperWebsite
Next Generation VLANRAOArticle Website
No-hair theoremWikipediaArticle Website
Nucleo-Chronometry of the Oldest StarsAnna FrebelArticle Website
Nyquist–Shannon sampling theoremWikipediaArticle Website
Observatories Across the Electromagnetic SpectrumNASAArticle Website
Observer-Based Control Techniques for the LBT Adaptive Optics under Telescope VibrationsgAgapito et al.PaperWebsite
Optical Interferometry/The VLTIESOAndreas GlindemannPresentationPDF
Optical PowerWikipediaArticle Website
Optical versus millimeter radio interferometryIRAMArticle Website
Optische Systeme KITMartina GerkenPresentationPDF
OrtsfrequenzWikipediaArticle Website
Overview of LBTI: a multipurpose facility for high spatial resolution observationsHinz et al.PaperWebsite
Paranal ObservatoryWikipediaArticle Website
PEPSI: The high-resolution echelle spectrograph and polarimeter for the Large Binocular TelescopeStrassmeier et al.PaperPDF
Performance Highlights of the ALMA CorrelatorsBaudry et al.PaperPDF
Performance Highlights of the ALMA CorrelatorsBaudry et al.PaperPDF
Phase ShiftWikipediaArticle Website
Photon SphereWikipediaArticle Website
Point-Spread FunctionWikipediaArticle Website
Polarimetry: a powerful diagnostic tool in astronomyJames HoughArticle PDF
Polarization in the ALMA eraChat HullPresentationPDF
Porting the ALMA Correlator Data Processor from hard real-time to plain LinuxAmestica et al.PaperWebsite
Principles of InterferometryMPIfRHans-Rainer KlöcknerPresentationPDF
Principles of Radio InterferometryJonathan WilliamsPresentationPDF
Principles, Limitations and Performance of Multi-Conjugate Adaptive OpticsRigaut et al.PaperPDF
Prototype of a laser guide star wavefront sensor for the Extremely Large TelescopePatti et al.PaperPDF
Pupil Planes versus Image PlanesJohn Young PresentationPDF
Radio Astronomy in Five MinutesMITbloggersVideoWebsite
Radio FrequencyyWikipediaArticle Website
Radio InterferometryHuib Jan van LangeveldePresentationPDF
Radio Interferometry BasicsAndrea IsellaPresentationPDF
Radio SpectrumWikipediaArticle Website
Radio Telescope AntennasSasao/FletcherBook ChapterPDF
RadioAstron: An Earth-Space Radio Interferometer with a 350,000 km BaselineKardashev et al.PaperPDF
Relativistic BeamingWikipediaArticle Website
ReselWikipediaArticle Website
Restoration of interferometric imagesAnconelli et al.PaperWebsite
Sagittarius A*WikipediaArticle Website
Schmidt Corrector PlateWikipediaArticle Website
Schott Delivers First 8.2 Metre VLT Mirror Blank to ESOESOPress ReleaseWebsite
Schwarzschild RadiusWikipediaArticle Website
Shack–Hartmann wavefront sensorWikipediaArticle Website
SingularityWikipediaArticle Website
SKA: Aperture ArraysSKAArticleWebsite
SKA: DishesSKAArticleWebsite
SKA: Phased Array FeedSKAArticleWebsite
SKA: Signal ProcessingSKAArticleWebsite
SKA: Software and ComputingSKAArticleWebsite
SKA1 LOW - the SKA’s low-frequency instrumentSKAPresentationPDF
SKA1 MID - the SKA’s mid-frequency instrumentSKAPresentationPDF
Solving the polarization problem in ALMA-VLBI observationsMartí-Vidal et al.PaperPDF
Spatial Coherence in InterferometryMichael KüchelPaperWebsite
Spatially Resolved M-Band Emission From Io’s Loki Patera–Fizeau Imaging At The 22.8 M LBTConrad et al.PaperPDF
Specifications and Clarifications of ALMA Correlator DetailsStephen ScottPaperPDF
Spectral ResolutionWikipediaArticle Website
Square Kilometer ArrayWikipediaArticleWebsite
Stellar ClassificationWikipediaArticle Website
Superconducting Tunnel JunctionWikipediaArticle Website
Synchrotron radiation
Technische Daten des 100m-TeleskopsMPIfRArticle Website
TelescopeWikipediaArticle Website
Telescope Wavefront ErrorsHenri BonnetPresentationPDF
Ten things we would do differently today: reflections on a decade of ALMA software developmentGlendenning et al.PaperWebsite
The Adaptive Mirror for the E-ELTVernet et al.PaperPDF
The ALMA correlatorEscoffier et al.PaperPDF
The ALMA Front EndHans RudolfArticle PDF
The ALMA Front Ends; an Overview Gie Han TanPaperWebsite
The ALMA Phasing ProjectGeoff CrewPresentationPDF
The ALMA Phasing Project: Design and StatusHelge RottmannPresentationPDF
The Alma Phasing System: A Beamforming Capability for Ultra-High-Resolution Science at (Sub)Millimeter WavelengthsMatthews et al.PaperPDF
The ALMA photonic local oscillator systemShilluePaperPDF
The aluminizing system for the 8.4 meter diameter LBT primary mirrorsAtwood et al.PaperWebsite
The Astronomical Use of ParallaxArticle Website
The Cosmic Microwave Background: Temperature And PolarisationESAArticle Website
The E-ELT Construction ProposalESOBookPDF
The ELT control systemChiozzi at al.PaperWebsite
The ELT control systemChiozzi at al.PaperWebsite
The ELT Control System, progress reportNick KornweibelPresentationPDF
The LINC-NIRVANA Fringe and Flexure Tracking SystemBetram et al.PaperWebsite
The Next Generation Very Large Array: A Technical OverviewSelina et al.PaperPDF
The optical system of the ELT and the role of ZERODURSchottArticleWebsite
The Structure of Black HolesLucas VianiArticle Website
The VLTI conceptual design ESOB. KoehlerPresentationPDF
Thin LenWikipediaArticle Website
Thirty Meter TelescopeWikipediaArticleWebsite
Three-mirror AnastigmatWikipediaArticle Website
Time synchronization within the ALMA software infrastructureAmestica et al.PaperWebsite
Tools of Radio AstronomyWilson et al.Book
Towards controlled Fizeau observations with the Large Binocular TelescopeSpalding et al.PaperPDF
Tunable Digital Filter for the ALMA CorrelatorComoretto et al.PresentationWebsite
Verformungsausgleich des PrimärspiegelsMPIfRArticle Website
Very Large ArrayWikipediaArticle Website
Very Large ArrayNRAOArticle Website
Very Long Baseline InterferometryWikipediaArticle Website
Very Long Baseline Interferometry ImagingBlackholecamArticle Website
VLA ConfigurationsNRAOArticle Website
VLBI Post-Correlation Analysis and Fringe-FittingMichael Bietenholz PresentationPDF
VLBI TechniquesBob CampbellPresentation
VLTI Delay LinesESOArticle Website
VLTI TutotialsESOArticle Website
Water-Vapor RadiometryAl WoottenArticle Website
WaveguideWikipediaArticle Website
WaveplateWikipediaArticle Website
What is noteworthy about Katie Bouman's CHIRP algorithmQuoraForum PostWebsite
Why is a diffraction grating better than a prism?Socratic.orgForum PostWebsite
Wie entwirft man ein Radioteleskop: Die Geschichte der HomologieJürgen KärcherArticle PDF
ZERODUR® Extremely Low Expansion Glass CeramicSchottArticleWebsite

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