SOFIA 2015


SOFIA, the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy is the world’s leading airborne observatory and a wonderful confluence between science, aviation and engineering (and hence, smack in the middle of omega tau’s topics!). It is a joint project between NASA and DLR, and is operated by DSI and USRA.

In 2015 omega tau had the opportunity to fly on two SOFIA missions. Markus took part in science missions 248 and 249. As a result, we have published two omega tau episodes, with a total length of almost 10 hours:

For a more cursory look, I have also recorded a video where I show a number of photos taken during the visit to Palmdale, and narrate a little bit about the experience. The complete gallery of pictures I took during my flights can be found on omega tau photo.

In the video I also mentioned two more omega tau podcast episodes: