Nord 2015

Everything began with an invitation to give a talk about mbeddr at the DSLRob-15 workshop in Hamburg on September 28. I also remembered the invitation of the Java User Group HH to give a talk on language engineering; this could be scheduled for September 29. I also wanted to visit OHB for business reasons, which turned out to work on September 30. So I had the skeleton for a trip to Hamburg and Bremen, and I thought: why not also record one or two episodes. It turned out to be a few more. So here we go :-)

September 29: On the 29th I will visit DESY. There I will record three episodes.

The first one will be about the fundamentals of lasers. I will talk to Fabian Reichert on this topic. It became Episode 196.

Second, I will discuss the European XFEL (Xray Free Electron Laser) facility with Joachim Schulz. The XFEL is a major science experiment currently being built at DESY in Hamburg, so, in typical omega tau fashion, we will discuss the principles, the science objectives and the engineering of the machine (Episode 197).

The third episode will be about string theory. I will talk to Alexander Westphal of DESY’s theory group about the theory itself, but also about its application to various areas of physics including black holes and the early universe. You can listen to the result in Episode 191.

September 30: The next day, September 30, is reserved for my visit to OHB. But as it turns out, they are willing to also do a podcast episode with me, besides the “real” reason why I am there. So we will discuss the development, engineering and construction of a satellite, most probably one from the Galileo constellation (Episode 209.

October 1: October 1 will be dedicated to two podcasts. The first one will be about mass spectrometers, and I will visit Thermo Scientific, a manufacturer of such machines. My guest there will be Alexander Makarov who invented the principle for the modern Orbitrap mass spectrometer design; for details see Episode 199

The second episode on October 1 will be back in Hamburg: I will talk to Lothar Schweinbach of Max Sames printers. We will discuss about (modern and historic) printing technologies (Episode 188).

October 2: I will record the final episode on October 2. It depends a little bit on scheduling, but if everything goes according to plan, an A-330 should arrive at Lufthansa Technik a few days earlier for a D-check. The plan is to discuss the D-check of airliners in typical omega tau detail, as can be seen from Episode 187.

I am extremely excited about this week, and I am sure it will result in a bunch of fascinating shows for omega tau (English and German ones, by the way). It takes care of the rest of the year :-)
If you have any questions for any of these episodes, then please send us an email so we can include then in the conversations.

A big thanks to all you donors out there! Your contributions through Patreon, Paypal and Flattr (all the links are on the right page margin) make tours like this one possible!

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