Arizona 2012

In October 2012 I (Markus) had to travel to the Splash 2012 conference in Tucson. I combined the trip with a few podcast recordings.

The absolute high point of this trip (and on of the best omega tau on-site episode recordings) was my visit to the Large Binocular Telescope on Mount Graham. Here is a little write-up about the trip and the episode on it.

I also talked to Mitchell Pavao-Zuckerman about Biosphere 2 and his research on various topics on ecology. Finally, I visited the Planetary Science Institute where I recorded three conversations: on planetary science in general (with Mark Sykes), on Comets (with Bea Mueller) and on the creation of the moon (with Don Davis and Bill Hartmann).

2 Responses to Arizona 2012

  1. Rand Baldwin says:

    Fascinating interviews! As an ex-astronomer, I particularly enjoyed the LBT, PSI, and Moon creation recordings.
    Great job, Marcus!

    Rand Baldwin, LS8 “NN”
    Huntsville (Alabama) Soaring Club

  2. MaNo says:

    Rand, where in Huntsville do you fly? I had once been working there for a few weeks and visited a field (I think) east of the city…

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