No, I am not going to list all the authors in my sources colllection (and there are two more pages).

Fun fact: A (previous?) head of beams at @CERN’s LHC was named Paul Collier. Only a “d” is missing to make his last name even more apt :-)

Vorhin die Episode zum Fallschirmspringen mit Klaus Renz aufgenommen. Super Gast, sehr angenehmes und informatives Gespräch. Und er hatte Kuchen organisiert :-) Da dürft ihr Euch drauf freuen!

I am planning to do a podcast episode on the Malaysian rainforest. Would you like to be my guest, @WWFMy ? Then check the email I have sent you a couple of days ago!

I've uploaded a new preview section for the book. This one is from the HMS Enterprise chapter, and it explains some of the systems of the ship. Get it at

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