Meetup day :-) Looking forward to seeing @OldPlot, @SteffenA380, @kofferleben and all of you!

Die Flughafentour ist voll, aber sbends gibts noch Platz für Kurzentschlossene. /cc @fragCFWU @apgcrew

This shows (zoom in!) @SOFIAtelescope noisily lumbering out of @STR_Airport on its first science mission over Europe. A bit sentimental for me: my flights on N747NA with @SOFIA_DSI in 2015 were wonderful. The first „epic“ omega tau episode! Good luck guys :-)

Ok, then I’ll do it myself :-) It’s fun, but not comparable: it’s only 2-3 seconds instead of 22, you’re not floating free, and I can’t precisely hold zero G, especially with my improvised G-indicator :-)

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