378 – Flying the F-18 Classic Hornet

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Guests: Jerry Deren, Nick Anderson
Host: Markus Voelter   Shownoter: Bastian Hundt

It’s been 377 episodes and we have not yet dedicated one to the F-18. This changes now. In the episode we first talk with Jerry Deren, a former US Navy Hornet pilot who also flew with the Blue Angels; we cover both aspects of his career. In part two we chat with Nick Anderson, former RAAF F-18 pilot (and co-host of the Airline Pilot Guy podcast). We chat about his experience flying the Hornet Down Under, focussing on quirks and funny stories.

There’s also a nice F-18 walkaround on Youtube with Jerry. Check it out!

Introduction of Jerry Deren


US Navy

Cockpit, Sensors, Avionics



Lost-Wing Incident


Flying with the Blue-Angels


Blue Angels | Aerobatics | Thunderbirds | Diamond Formation | g-suit | Traffic Pattern | Aerobatic Maneuver

Nick Introduction and Exchange Tour


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Anecdotes from Australia


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Life after the Hornet


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