330 – Parabolic Flights at AirZeroG

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Guests: Jean-François Clervoy, Eric Delesalle, Hervé Normand, Nicolas Barbotin
Host: Markus Voelter    Shownoter: Andy Joiner

When I was in Bordeaux with the DLR to report about their science campaign in September, I also talked to the team from AirZeroG/Novespace about the technical and aviation aspects of parabolic flights. These interviews are in this episode. I chat with Jean-François Clervoy about the history of the company, with Eric Delesalle about piloting the parabolas, with Hervé Normand about the reasons for the potential sickness, and with Nicolas Barbotin about cabin safety. At the end of the episode I also provide some details about the technical problem that prevented parabolas during my own flight with the A-310 ZeroG.