328 – Flying the P-3 Orion (and some other aircraft)

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Guests: Marija “Maz” Jovanovich
Host: Markus Voelter    Shownoter: Bastian Hundt

Marija Jovanovich is a pilot for the Royal Australian Air Force where she has been flying the P-3 Orion. We discuss the aircraft, the missions, and some anecdotes. Marija then also attended the USAF Experimental Test Pilot School, and we talk a bit about the experience of flying a wide range of different aircraft.

Introduction of Marija 'Maz' Jovanovich


Marija on Twitter | Royal Australian Air-Force | Lockheed P-3 Orion | Boeing P-8 Poseidon

Sensors on the P3


Magnetic anomaly detector | RADAR | AIS | Electro-optics | FLIR | Minimum Visibilty Approach | SONAR | Sonobuoy

A typical Crew on the P-3 and Anti Submarine Warfare


Sensor fusion | Visual flight conditions | Radar Altimeter | Torpedo | Naval mine | Anti-ship missile

Aircraft Research and Development Unit


The Research Unit | Pilatus PC-9 | Resonance

In the Air Force as a Woman


The Private Plane of Maz


Pipistrel Virus