209 – Satellite Development at OHB

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Gast: Christian Pauly, Matthias Tausche, Andreas Wortmann, Ingo Engeln    
Host: Markus Voelter    Shownoter: Tim Jurik

In this episode we get a peek into how OHB System AG in Bremen develops satellites — mostly based on the Galileo navigation satellites. We speak with Christian Pauly about systems engineering, with Mathias Tausche about manufacturing and integration, with Andreas Wortmann about the software on the satellites, and with Ingo Engeln about the company as a whole.

As a background, you may want to listen to omega tau 26 about satellite buses. omega tau 204 on Planet Labs’ small satellites may be interesting as a contrast.

Systems Engineering: Christian Pauly


Galileo | GLONASS (Russian) | BeiDou (Chinese) | Differences between Galileo and US Air Force GPS | European Space Agency (Measuring Satellite Orbits - Laser Retro Reflectors)  | S-Band | Galileo Open Signal Interface Control Document

Project Status, Discussion of Galileo generations and operation, Propulsion


Soyuz | Ariane | Hydrazine | Electrical Propulsion

Role of OHB and Satellite Components


OHB | Atomic Clocks | Reaction Wheels

Collaboration with ESA, Requirements, Tools, Process, Verification, Tradeoffs, Analysis


Space Engineering

Integration: Mattias Tausche


Integration, Construction/Assembly, Testing | Optimizing Process, Procedures and Testing

Software: Andreas Wortmann


Platform and Payload software | Control, Telemetry | Testing, Coverage Analysis

Company: Ingo Engeln


Brief overview of OHB and growth from 15 to 1,200 people | Summary of projects and responsibilities