202 – Aviation Incident Reporting at CHIRP

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Guest: Ian Dugmore     Host: Markus Voelter    Shownoter: Alexander Grote

As we have mentioned before on omega tau, aviation prides itself on a pervasive safety-culture that leads to a low accident rate. An important building block of this culture are incident reporting systems, where members of the community can confidentially report issues, risks or incidents, which are then followed up on, with the goal to resolve them. CHIRP is the organisation that handles this task in the UK. In this episode we talk to Ian Dugmore, the Chief Executive of CHIRP about the general idea, and about a few (typical) incidents reported to CHIRP.

Introduction of Ian Dugmore and CHIRP


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Incident Reporting Process


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General aviation


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Critical Incident Reporting Systems worldwide


(Australia - Confidential Reporting Scheme (REPCON) | Canada - Confidential Reporting (SECURITAS) | China - Sino Confidential Aviation Safety System (SCASS) | Japan - Aviation Safety Information Network (ASI-NET) | Korea - Korean Aviation Safety Hindrance Reporting System (KAIRS) | MACAU - Macau Confidential Reporting System (MACCARES) | SINGAPORE - Singapore Confidential Aviation Incident Reporting (SINCAIR) | Spain - Safety reporting system | Taiwan - Taiwan Aviation Confidential Safety Reporting System (TACARE) | USA - Aviation Safety Reporting System | USA - Aviation Safety Reporting System(Wiki) | Germany - Luftfahrt Bundesamt | Germany - Vereinigung Cockpit (unitl 1992) | Germany - EUCARE, TU Berlin (unitl 1999))

Ian’s time in the military


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