183 – Aerobatics and Red Bull Air Racing

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Guest: Matt Hall    Host: Markus Voelter    Shownoter: Kolja Dummann

Matt Hall is a pilot at the Red Bull Air Race and a professional aerobatics/air show pilot, and in this episode we talk about both. We start out with how Matt got into flying through gliders and ultralights. We then discuss competition aerobatics and air show flying, and the difference between the two. We continue with air racing and take a look at his MXS-R airplane, which, at the time of recording, was at the DG factory in Bruchsal, where we met for the recording. We conclude the episode with a brief discussion of his military flying, which included the F-18 for the RAAF and the F-15E on exchange with the USAF.

Air Show Flying


Lomcovak | "It's just a show"

Reb Bull Air Racing


Nigel Lamb | "Two hundred knots, forty feet, around pylons, downtown locations" | Pilot Matt Hall Skims Water During Red Bull Air Race Qualifying Session Windsor | G-Stall

At the Hangar


DG Flugzeugbau | Winglets | MX Aircraft MXS | Airfoil | Zivko Edge 540 | Extra EA-300

Military flying


F-18 | F-15E | Gulf War | F-15 lands with one wing