Netherlands 2016

This tour wasn’t quite a tour, it was just two days. In November 2016 I was at the SPLASH 2016 conference in Amsterdam. I combined that with a bit of podcast recording.

I spent Friday November 4 ESTEC. I recorded three episodes. The first was about space software development (with Maria Hernek, Head of Flight Software). The second was about electric propulsion systems, my guest for this one was Jose Gonzalez del Amo, head of the electric propulsion section. The final one was about the testing facilities. I walked through the facilities with Mark Wagner, the head of that division. All three interviews were very insightful and should be lots of fun when I publish them.

(Image (c) ESA-Anneke Le Floc’h, ESA)

I spent the night in Utrecht and then took the train to a village near Arnhem to visit Rutger Vlek at River Synths to record an episode about synthesizers. It was a mix between the physics and the technology of how they work, plus the creative aspects. We also recorded lots of sound samples to illustrate what we talked about. In my humble and maybe slightly biased opinion this will be a fantastic episode, because our guest understands how synths work, can play them very well and is also very good at explaining things.


I returned to Utrecht where I spent another night, flying back to Stuttgart on November 6.