A pattern with “celebrity” guests: agree on duration X for the podcast, then, when we record, say that “oh, by the way, I only have 1/2 * X or 2/3 * X”. Too late to cancel then. Means I have to rush through the interview or skip topics. The result feels somehow unsatisfying.

Hörertreffen mit @airlinepilotguy, @fragCFWU und @omegataupodcast am 21. September in Frankfurt. Bitte hier anmelden:

A new episode :-) It's about the Event Horizon Telescope @ehtelescope, and our guest is Heino Falcke @hfalcke:

Recorded and Upcoming (in no particular order): Controlling the ELT Mirror, Historische Netzwerke, NH-90, The Event Horizon Telescope, Weather Forecasting at the ECMWF, Heathrow Tower, Wald, Flying the P-3, Radioteleskop Effelsberg, The F-14 Tomcat

omega tau 319: Daimler’s Fahrsimulatoren. Unser Gast ist Friedrich Hoffmeyer:
/cc @Daimler @MercedesBenz

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