Not good: Looks like it will take @amazon 5 weeks to send me the author proof for the book. If this is true, publication will be in June, earliest. What’s going on there, @amazon ?

In case you are interested in how I wrote the book technically, here is what I write in the book. /cc @ArnimRanthoron

227,805 words later, I am finally done with writing and feedback. Phew! Now there’s only a bit of editing and production left.

Eine neue Episode ist online. Dieses Mal geht es um Pistenraupen. Ihr solltet euch auch unbedingt die Bilder auf der Webseite anschauen:

Am Anfang sprechen Nora und ich außerdem ein bisschen über die aktuelle Lage.

Many of you know that Nora has been in Malaysia for the last six months for work. She has returned 10 days early. I picked her up at Munich airport yesterday. Glad you‘re back, Nora!

I have uploaded a new book Preview. This one is about the basics of gravitational wave detectors. Check it out on the website, in the section on gravitational waves:

#onceyoustartasking #omegataubook

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