Great article in @RollingStone about the style of @rushtheband's drummer Neil Peart. With references to particles parts of songs. Would have made a great podcast episode with all the song samples.

Neil Peart of the band Rush performs at the Nokia Theatre on May 6, 2008 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images)

How Neil Peart’s Perfectionism Set Him Free

In his 40 years with Rush, Neil Peart showed an alternate path for rock drumming, built on discipline and craft rather than raw abandon.

Fun fact: A (previous?) head of beams at @CERN’s LHC was named Paul Collier. Only a “d” is missing to make his last name even more apt :-)

Vorhin die Episode zum Fallschirmspringen mit Klaus Renz aufgenommen. Super Gast, sehr angenehmes und informatives Gespräch. Und er hatte Kuchen organisiert :-) Da dürft ihr Euch drauf freuen!

I am planning to do a podcast episode on the Malaysian rainforest. Would you like to be my guest, @WWFMy ? Then check the email I have sent you a couple of days ago!

I've uploaded a new preview section for the book. This one is from the HMS Enterprise chapter, and it explains some of the systems of the ship. Get it at

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