Neuer Tag, neue Episode. In 282 geht es nochmal um Wasserkraftwerke. Ich habe mit Georg Knöbel von Voith Hydro über Engineering, Kraftwerksprojekte und Turbinenproduktion gesprochen:

Nochmal der Hinweis: omega tau live am 08. Mai um 20:00 (Einlass 19:30) im Lichtmess-Kino in HH-Altona. Details und Tickets hier:

Traveling to Berlin today. Will record an episode with Native Instruments @NI_News. And a listener meetup tonight at @TheCircusBerlin. Plane is on time.

I am preparing an episode on bush flying with @indobushpilot Daniel Geaslen. Do you have questions? Then please reply, or even better, add them here directly:


episode-prep - A repository for collaborative editing of omega tau episode preparations

I would like to record a couple of episodes in Iceland in July. I have tons of ideas already, but often, a concrete followers recommendation works much better. 😊
If you live in Iceland and have a topic suitable for omega tau, or if you know such a person, please let know! Thx!

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