Once again #noMoreYellow, and only one review outstanding. And only on a small part of the chapter. The end is in sight!

Thankfully, not every page looked like this when I got it back from my latest reviewer. But it is indeed great if people read things really critically and find not just errors, but also imprecisions or outdated information.

#onceyoustartasking #omegataubook #redNotYellow

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to 90% of omega tau: @markusvoelter !!!
From the 10% of omega tau and, I am sure, 100% of the listeners.

New book preview: I’ve uploaded a preview from the aviation chapter, this one is about the performance of gliders:

#onceYouStartAsking #omegataubook

Seems like @SpaceX is changing their PR strategy. First, Koenigsmann was a guest on @raumzeit, now this guy is on Rogan.

So which of the two back cover options in the previous tweet do you prefer?

Here are two options for the back cover of the book: text only, or with illustrations. In the next tweet, please answer the little survey which one you prefer.

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