387 – Direct Air Capture

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Guest: Peter Psarras    Host: Markus Völter    Shownoter: Simon Bretschneider

The climate situatation is getting more and more dire, and in order to reach the goals the international community has set for themselves, engineering solutions seem increasingly necessary. After talking about solar geoengineering in episode 385, we will look at direct air capture in this episode. Direct Air Capture is a family of technologies that allow the extraction of CO2 from the atmosphere. My guest Peter Psarras explains the technology, the economics and also the political and moral challenges associated with the technology.

Peter Psarras is introducing himself


Peter Psarras | Carbon Direct

How does it work? Physical mechanism, chemical processes


Concentration of CO2 in air | Physisorption | Desorption | Energy demand for DAC | Sorbent for CO2 capture

Wrap up and conclusion