364 – Physics beyond the Standard Model

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Guest: Valerie Domcke   Host: Markus Voelter   Shownoter: Andy Joiner

A while ago we had a whole series about LHC, ATLAS and particle physics in general. Despite all we know about what our world is made of and the explanatory power of the standard model, there is also a variety of open questions and currently unexplained phenomena. These include dark matter, dark energy, the neutrino mass, the CP violation, the hierarchy problem, and of course the unification of the standard model with gravitation. In this episode, CERN’s Valerie Domcke explains what it’s all about.

Hierarchy Problem 01:08:45

Unification with Gravitation


Graviton | Classical Theory | Discretized | String Theory | Local Minimum


4 Responses to 364 – Physics beyond the Standard Model

  1. Oskar says:

    A great episode, one could really hear that Valerie likes her job! I had to listen to it multiple times and I have to admit that I obviously am too dumb to understand some parts of it, but I like that. Maybe after listening another one or two times, I’ll get most of it ;)

  2. Tim says:

    First of all, thanks a lot for the (once again) informative and entertaining episode!
    Youtube recently pointed me to the following talk (in German, unfortunately; but there seem to be English subtitles) about “what’s wrong with modern physics?”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99hVAu1k6G8

    The speaker primarily makes the point that symmetry or mathematical “beauty” in itself is not a good measure to guide modern physics research, especially with regard to the standard model.

    It would be very interesting to hear some informed opinions about the points she makes – or have some nice discussion here.

  3. Markus says:

    Yes, I am aware of her. Have been thinking about inviting her. Maybe it will happen :-)

  4. Susan says:

    Hi Markus,

    Loved this episode! Because 1) I’m interested in understanding the current problems in the standard model and 2) it was awesome to hear such a badass woman physicist explain it! I’m a physicist in Albuquerque NM and looking forward to hearing more female guests!

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