340 – Plasma Wakefield Acceleration with AWAKE

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Guest: Edda Gschwendtner   Host: Markus Voelter   Shownoter: Fabian Zeisberger

A major component of particle accelerators like the LHC are the actual accelerators; the current approach relies on radio frequency cavities. However, their acceleration gradient, measured in Volts per meter, is limited. This means that future accelerators, especially linear ones, will become longer and longer to reach the desired energies. A new approach to particle acceleration relies on plasma wakefields, this technology can deliver orders of magnitude more acceleration per distance. AWAKE is a proof of concept experiment at CERN that uses proton beams to produce the wake field. In this episode we chat with Edda Gschwendtner, the leader of this project.

Functionality and Purpose of AWAKE


Plasma acceleration | Plasma | Ion | Nucleus

Goal of AWAKE


John Dawson | Super Proton Synchrotron

Current state and challenges of AWAKE


Self-phase modulation

Future of the Project


Dark photon | Antimatter