267 – The Quantum Tron UAV

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Guest: Florian Seibel    Host: Markus Voelter    Shownoter: Bastian Hundt

Quantum Systems designs, builds and sells unmanned air vehicles for professional use. Their particular specialty is VTOL designs, i.e., UAVs that take off and land vertically, but then switch to airplane mode for airplane-like speed and range. In this episode we chat with Quantum’s CEO Florian Seibel about their primary drone, the Tron. We focus on the motivation for developing the aircraft, the use cases, as well as design decisions and technical aspects.

An inflight video. Another one in 360 degrees. The main product page also contains nice videos. Finally, the Lynx landing on a ship video.

Introduction of Florian Seibel


Quantum Systems | VTOL | Harrier Jump-Jet | OT-148 Flying the Harrier | V-22 Osprey | TRON | TRINITY | FLYABILITY | Glide Ratio

Office Walkaround


Autopilot | "Hardware in the loop" | Carbon Fibers | CAD | CNC Milling | Multiplex | Intergeo | 3D-Printer

Usecases & Sensors for the Systems


Agriculture | Pipeline / Power Surveillance | Logistics | Laser Scanner | Multispectral Cameras | CAN Bus | Reynolds Number

Control of the UAV


Mission Planning | Ground Resolution | Airspace Structure

Flight-Testing & Business Opportunities


Gimbal-System | Electro-Optical-System