113 – The (creation of the) Moon

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This episode covers the moon, and in particular, its creation. We talk to the two scientists who came up with the theory of the moon’s creation that is still prevalent today: Don Davis and Bill Hartmann In the episode we discuss in detail their theory that the moon has been created by an impact event into earth, as well as some of the history of this theory. We also discuss other space related topics such as water on the moon, human vs. robotic space flight, and flights to Mars.

10 Responses to 113 – The (creation of the) Moon

  1. Geoffrey says:

    A super-interesting talk with the guys who actually came up with the theory in the first place! Full of ideas aggregated together like clump of rubble but relaxed and laid-back as usual. I liked the idea of getting out of Earth’s gravity well and hitching a ride on a temporarily captured orbiter (TCO). Some sort of device attached to the TCO can then send back all sorts of interesting info about the parts of the solar system that it happens to go to. “Bill is actually right” and “every body is an egg” are just a couple of phrases that I found quite amusing. An excellent interview.

  2. MaNo says:

    Thanks :-)

  3. Francois Korb says:

    Once again, a fantastic episode – Markus conducts a superb interview. Well worth the time spent listening.

  4. TWalker says:

    This episode was one of your best. Informative, easy to listen to, interesting, good questions.

  5. Manuel says:

    Schade, finde die Umfrage gar nicht. Hätte gern teilgenommen.

  6. MaNo says:

    ja gut, aber irgendwann mussten wir ja mal abbrechen und auswerten :-)


  7. David Woods says:

    This is one of the best I’ve heard. Top guys in their field talking knowledgeably and candidly with affection and banter. I’m biased because it is a topic close to my heart but I’d rate it up there with the podcast on bacteria and viruses, another that really worked well. Sound quality and balance are also top notch. Excellent.

  8. Geoffrey says:

    I listened to this podcast some time ago but still recall how humble they sounded. It all made plain sense. People who know their stuff have no problem in explaining it in lay terms. Knowing the moon’s history allows me to see it in a more familiar way.

  9. I hadn’t expected that this episode would be so interesting. Thanks a lot to Markus, Don and Bill.

  10. MaNo says:

    Having two guests that essentially run the show alone is always good :-) Didn’t have to do much!

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