111 – Optical Astronomy and the Large Binocular Telescope

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This epsiode covers my visit at the Large Binocular Telescope near Tucson, Arizona. The episode is mostly a conversation with the telescope’s director, Richard Green. We talk about optical astronomy in general and the LBT in particular. I also talk to a scientist who is currently observing at the telescope as well as a telescope operator.

19 Responses to 111 – Optical Astronomy and the Large Binocular Telescope

  1. Mindaugas says:

    Thanks for great 180 min. and duration just OK.

  2. MaNo says:

    I actually got a comment via twitter that said that it’s too long :-)


  3. Geoffrey says:

    Thanks for another lucid interview. The detailed walk-through was amazing. All the people there really dig their job. Their high spirits gave you with an uplifting experience. You lucky duck!

  4. Listorer says:

    Amazing episode. Definitely not to long. Captivating. Thanks.

  5. Michael Davey says:

    Great podcast episode. I don’t suppose you took any pictures of the that you have uploaded anywhere?

    Either way, thank you. I really enjoyed this episode.

  6. MaNo says:

    I did take a few shots, but I am not a big photographer. At the time I uploaded them to G+, but I have no idea how to find the post now :-/

    Anyway, the photos as the image gallery are much better anyway:


  7. MaNo says:

    Actually, I did find the post with the pictures:


  8. Simon says:

    Once again, a REALLY fascinating episode! 5 Stars. Congratulation and thank you for producing this and already 110 other eposodes.
    Greetings from the Lake Constance

  9. MaNo says:

    Thanks :-)

  10. Matthias says:

    Your audience definitively does not suffer from an attention span of just 90 seconds, so 180 minutes episodes are fine. It helped me to survive a 4 hour ICE-trip during the peak Christmas-period. So thank you and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  11. MaNo says:

    Thanks, for you too!


  12. Francois Korb says:

    Yet another fantastic episode – Mr. Green is a wonderful interviewee and I enjoyed every minute of it.
    In my opinion, the length of your podcasts can be as long as needed.
    Good job Markus.

  13. MaNo says:

    Thanks! I’ll let Richard know :-)


  14. jens says:

    Awesome one!!!

    Duration was not a problem, not even for one sec ;-)

  15. Rick says:

    Another excellent episode. Please make them as long as they need to be. Length is never a problem for me.

  16. Christian says:

    Excellent Episode, good Job, and not one minute to long! Thanks for your effort!

  17. MaNo says:

    thank you :-)


  18. Michael Wagner says:

    I heard this episode and started to read a lot about all the things I didn’t know before.

    It is a lot of fun and can’t bei boring!
    Thanx a lot

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