005 – Earthrace – Around the World in a Powerboat

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This episode is a conversation with Pete Bethune, the skipper of Earthrace. Earthrace has broken the world record for circumnavigation of the world with a powerboat. They did it being CO2-neutral and by using as many eco-friendly resources as possible, spreading the message that being ecological doesn’t mean to go back to the stone age and not have fun anymore. In the episode, Pete talks about the environmental background as well as the fun, challenges and scares of circumnavigating the globe in a powerboat; he also describes the boat itself, with its special “wave-piercing” hull.

2 Responses to 005 – Earthrace – Around the World in a Powerboat

  1. Geoffrey says:

    Although it’s not a pure science subject it certainly comes under applied science. I imagine engineers would find the talk particularly interesting. Plenty of anecdotes. As usual, a friendly down to earth chat between like-mined problem-solving people. The interviewing was, once again, a fine balance of curiosity and humour.

  2. MaNo says:

    I agree there’s not so much science to it, but it has a definite “engineering” aspect. This, by the way, is also why we changed the omega tau tag line from “science and technology” to “science and engineering” at some point :-)


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