162 – Shuttle Mission Control

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Guest: Dan Adamo    Host: Markus Voelter    Shownoter: Bastian Hundt

In this episode we talk about mission control for the Space Shuttle. Our guest is Dan Adamo, a former flight dynamics officer (FDO) in the Mission Control Center. We cover the organization of mission control, the various roles, qualification and training, the specific tasks of the FDO as well as a little bit of history. Dan also relates many interesting episodes from his time “in the trench”.

This is the last episode in 2014. Nora and Markus wish you Merry Christmas, a few quiet days between the years and a good start into 2015. Stay tuned, there’s a lot of good stuff coming on this station :-)

Mission Control Center General


Flight Controller | Christopher C. Kraft Jr. Mission Control Center | INCO | Kennedy Space Center | Solid Rocket Boosters | Open Loop Controller | Space Rendezvous | Flight Director | Mission Operations Director | Space Shuttle Flight Rules (PDF) | Apollo 13 | Lunar Module | Apollo Fuel Cells | STS3XX Space Shuttle Rescue Mission | Communication loops between Flight Controllers, Control Centers and Space Shuttle Crew | CAPCOM | Spacelab | Payload Operations and Integration Center | Ground Controller

Technical Facilities for Flight Controllers


Mainframe | FIDO | X Window System | Pneumatic Tubes in Mission Control Center | Orion | Apollo 13 Trajectory Reconstruction via State Transition Matrices | Shared Responsibilities of Flight Controllers and Space Shuttle Crew | Landing Gear | Autoland | Gemini | Trajectory | Orbital State Vector | The Spirit of Flight Controllers | Gene Kranz | "Failure Is Not An Option" on Amazon DE | "Failure Is Not An Option" on Amazon COM | Shuttle Remote Manipulator System

Voice Communication between Flight Controllers


Full Duplex

Workdays in Mission Control


Mission Control in Houston vs Launch Control in Florida


Launch Control Center | STS-88 | International Space Station | Unity Module | Launch Window | Solid Rocket Boosters | Space Shuttle Main Engines | Space Shuttle External Tank | Main Engine Cut-Off (MECO) | Rocket Propellant | Orion Launch Abort System

Tasks of a Flight Dynamics Officer in Mission Control


Newton's Second Law | Mass Budgeting | Gimbal | Center of Gravity (CG) | Propellant as Balast to adjust CG | Orbit | Coordinate System | Delta-v | Reaction Control System | Hubble Space Telescope | Debries Avoidance | Space Debries | Space Shuttle Abort Modes | Abort Region Determinator | Reusable Spacecrafts | Joint Underspeed Recovery | Tasks of a FDO when no Mission is going on | Launch postponement recovery | STS-101 | Flight Techniques Panel | Planning Shuttle Missions | Mission Specifique Flight Rules | STS-60

How to bevome a FDO


Optical Engineering | Shuttle Mission Simulator | Hubble Space Telescope | Trajectory Officer (TRAJ) | Familiarization with the Tools

History and Future of Mission Control and the FDO-Position


Apollo Mission Control World Map | Relative Motion Display | Orbit FDO Console Handbook | Influence of Orion/SLS on Mission Control | Huge Distances alters Operations Significantly | "Planetary Defense"

Thoughts about Omega-Tau in 2014